Updates About Virtual Lessons

Hello Friends and Families –

Thank you all for your communication and thoughtfulness through this unusual and challenging time for all of us!

As a response to the COVID 19 (coronavirus,) we have taken ALL lessons online. We hope that this effort will be appreciated by you and your family as we all encounter the rapidly evolving “new normal.” Many of you have instantly become homeschooling work-from-home parents, and students studying from home, and are struggling with the unexpected interruptions in your work, home, and family lives. We hope that offering lessons taken virtually from the comfort of your home will help keep a small amount of continuity happening in the lives of all of our students and families.

Call us at Summit to confirm a lesson time! We are here daily to answer questions about lessons, and are looking forward to speaking with you. Our number is (860)645-1502.

There are two technologies we are currently using for our lessons. We are presently using both Skype and Facetime for virtual lessons. These are two commonly-used video call services, which many of you are already familiar with, that can be used on your home WiFi network or on devices with mobile data.
 For Apple/Mac Users, use FaceTime.Many of our teachers are Mac, iPhone, or iPad users, and we know many of you are, as well. For Mac desktop and laptop users, FaceTime is available to users with OS X Lion 10.7 and later. Look for the app in your Applications folder, or download it for free in the App Store. iPhone and iPad users have FaceTime installed on their devices, so please look for the FaceTime icon in your apps, or download it for free in the App Store.
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 For those using PCs/Windows,download Skype for free here.

For those using Android devices,download Skype for free here.
When you call us to confirm your lesson, we’ll connect your available technologies with those of our instructors, and our instructor will call you at your designated lesson time.

We have been working non-stop to reach out directly to families on our schedules to discuss lesson times, but feel free to call us at (860)645-1502 if you’ve not already received a call from us.

While we are all feeling the effects of this pandemic, few are feeling it quite as acutely as our community’s independent artists and small businesspeople. Weekly music lessons as a small bit of normalcy in our student’s lives mean huge differences to our instructors and our business as a whole. We trust that you’ll continue to support Summit, as we continue our work to educate and enrich the lives of our students through the art, language, and craft of music.

We send everyone best wishes for health, and look forward to seeing you (on a screen) soon!

Tom (and the team at Summit Music Center)