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2023-2024 Enrollment Options & Pricing

We think that music lessons should be available to everyone, so we’ve set up programs sand payment options to work with your schedule and budget.

Option 1

EZ-Pay- Ongoing Enrollment 

Best Savings and No Hassle Registration!

-3 Make Up Lessons Allotted With This Option!

-Reserved Lesson Time With Your Preferred Teaching Artist 

Our EZ-Pay option offers the best savings and least hassle- perfect for students intending to continue lessons year round. Three make up lessons are allotted with this option and must be scheduled prior to the end of the calendar year. 

Enjoy automatic, ongoing renewal for each 10 Week Session (Sessions 1-4) during the academic year and our 8 Week Summer Session by enrolling in our secure tuition processing system. Students who enroll in this option must have a credit card valid through 6/24 on file. Early withdrawal from this option requires a letter to Summit 30 days prior to withdrawal and will be subject to a cancellation penalty. Tuition is processed two weeks prior to each Session.

30 Minute Lesson ($33/lesson)

$330 for each 10 Week Session, Sessions 1-4

$264 for the 8 Week Summer Session

45 Minute Lessons ($46/lesson)

$460 for each 10 Week Session, Sessions 1-4

$368 for the 8 Week Summer Session

60 Minute Lesson ($63/lesson)

$630 for each 10 Week Session, Sessions 1-4

$504 for the 8 Week Summer Session

EZ Pay Payment Schedule

Payment for Session 1: August 17, 2023 

Payment for Session 2: October 23, 2022

Payment for Session 3: January 8, 2024

Payment for Session 4: March 18, 2024

Payment for Summer Session: June 3, 2024

Option 2

Month to Month

Flexible Payment Arrangement 

-30 Day Cancellation

-No Make Ups or permanent lesson changes. 

Our Month to Month option is the perfect option for students looking to try lessons for the first time or who prefer to have their tuition split up monthly! Tuition is processed by autopay on the 28th of the previous month. Credit cards must be valid through 6/24. Early withdrawal from this option requires a letter to Summit 30 days prior.

30 Minute Lesson ($36/lesson)

45 Minute Lesson ($50/lesson)

60 Minute Lesson ($68/lesson)

2023-24 POLICIES


Payments must be made prior to your lesson to reserve your weekly lesson time with your preferred Summit teaching artist. 


Attending your scheduled lesson on time each week is critical to the process of learning. Your registration reserves your teacher’s time during the year at that specific time period each week, regardless of student non-attendance, vacation, field trips, school music obligations, musicals/plays, sports, etc. Cases of extended illness will be handled on an individual basis. As a courtesy to your instructor, we ask that you notify the studio as soon as possible if you are unable to make a lesson, or if you are running late.  If a student is late to a lesson, we cannot guarantee their full lesson time.  With no advance notification, our instructors will wait for a minimum of 1/3 of the scheduled lesson duration prior to marking a student as a ‘no show’ and forfeiting the lesson.

Notice of cancellation does not exempt the student from paying their contracted lesson rate. Additionally, lessons canceled with less than 24 hour notice are not eligible to be rescheduled as a make-up lesson (per your plans makeup policy). There are no exceptions to this policy.


Students are allowed make-up lessons according to the lesson plan chosen. Please note: Tuition is never prorated for missed lessons. If lessons are not made up within the allowed time, the student forfeits the option of a make-up lesson.


Summit does not close on all holidays. Should your regularly scheduled lesson land on a holiday that Summit is open and you do not want to attend your lesson, you would need to either use your make-up lesson if applicable or forfeit that lesson.

Instructor Absence:

In the event that Summit is closed or your instructor is unable to make your scheduled lesson, we will work with you to find a mutually convenient time to reschedule your lesson.  In the event an instructor cannot teach, there may be occasions where a substitute instructor will be used to keep regularly scheduled lessons or make up the lesson missed.

Sick lessons:

In the event that you are not feeling well we recommend you do not skip your lesson but rather take your lesson online using your preferred video messaging platform with your teacher. This will save you from having to use a make-up lesson.  If you are too sick to have your lesson you will need to reschedule as a make-up lesson (per your plans allowance) or forfeit the lesson.

Inclement Weather:

In the event that your lesson is scheduled on a day when the weather is bad and we close, rather than canceling your lesson and making it up, our instructors will teach you online. Our instructors are available via FaceTime, Skype, Google Duo, and other video messaging platforms. In the event, we do not close and you do not want to drive in because of the weather the same rules apply!

Schedule Change:

All requests for changes in your permanent instructor, lesson day, or lesson time should be submitted to our business office.  This can only be done twice per academic year for students enrolled in EZ-Pay. 

Student Withdrawal:

To discontinue lessons, please contact our business office.  All withdrawals require 30 days notice.  We do not prorate or refund tuition for withdrawals.  Students are responsible for tuition for the duration of their contract whether or not they choose to attend all of their lessons.


Summit Music Center reserves the right to dismiss a student for any reason without refunds, including, but not limited to frequent absence; disciplinary problems; overdue tuition payments; and noncompliance with our policies.

Lesson Fees:

Payments must be made prior to your lesson to reserve your lesson time with your preferred Summit teaching artist. Tuition is charged in full prior to each Session if you are enrolled in our EZ-Pay option and monthly if you’re enrolled in our Month-to-Month option. Payments will be made by autopay using any major credit card or checking account and will be charged prior to your upcoming lessons. 

Release of Liability:

Parents, legal guardians of minor students, and adult students fully waive and relinquish any and all claims against Summit Music Center and its owners, instructors, and employees from injuries or damages as a result of participating in any activities associated with Summit Music Center. 

Photo Waiver:

Photographs or videos of registered students taken during events, lessons, or classes with Summit Music Center are considered for publication and public use unless the student, parent, or legal guardian submits a written request to the contrary at the time of registration.

Contact Information:

For all communications, please contact our business office directly at 860-645-1502 or . Please do not contact your instructor via social media, text, or phone.  Any requests sent directly to your instructor will not be fulfilled.