Summit Music Center’s Performance Opportunities

No musical training is complete without the opportunity to apply what you have learned in lessons and in practice to a band or ensemble situation. Learn skills used by professional musicians: reading a lead sheet, playing a good solo, balancing and blending with a group, playing solid time, and backing up a soloist.

  • Rock Band Class – Manchester’s very own school of rock.
  • String Ensemble
  • Youth Choir
  • Mini Recital Series
  • Open Mic Night

Summit’s students can be found in many area performances. The next time you attend a musical in the area, check the program – you will be sure to find Summit students. This year alone, both the middle and high school shows boasted Summit students in all the leads! Students also performed throughout the state, on stage and in the pit.

All-State scores are another great mile-marker. For several years running, Summit students ranked highest in state scores. Summit has received recognition from Manhattan School of Music and Oberlin School of Music, and accreditation from Manchester Community College. Along with their acceptance at numerous universities and conservatories all over the country, students have performed in all venues, including the production Rent on Broadway.

Our Performances

Summit provides many public performance stages for its students throughout the year. Check out our calendar for this year’s schedule!

  • Mini Recitals – Our Mini Recital Series gives students a chance to warm up and practice performing in a smaller setting than our big annual Spring Recital to prepare for the end of the year show! This allows students the chance to get their feet wet and continue honing their skills throughout the school year.
  • Holiday Showcase Toy Drive – This annual winter showcase is a collaboration with C.A.S.T. Children’s Theater and Northstar Dance Academy. The students of our three performing arts companies showcase their talent through ensembles in efforts to gather toys to give to the area’s less fortunate children during the holiday season by way of the Manchester ‘Blue Angels.’ This performance is a way for our students to shine onstage while giving back to the community and always proves to be an excellent evening of song, dance and theater!
  • Rockin’ the Block Summer Concert – Top off your summer musical studies with an electrifying summer concert! Workshop participants have an opportunity to perform alongside their classmates at a mid-summer, outdoor production. The community is invited to this concert, which also features prizes, food booths, and musical merchandise. It’s the perfect venue for family and friends to enjoy a delightful concert featuring our students’ artistic talents.
  • Rock Band Gigs – Students in our rock band classes are provided with performance opportunities at a multitude of local concert venues throughout the year including The Main Pub in Manchester, Spare Time in Vernon, Carmine’s in East Hartford and more! Our rock bands get the chance to experience what a real gig feels like and learn what goes in to live performance at a professional venue!