Summit is teaching on a variety of topics, instruments, and interests via online classes.

Songwriting, Ukulele, Guitar, Mini-Master Classes and More! 

*Summit songwriting instructor Kelly English comes to us straight from Berklee School of Music armed with all the tools you’ll need to craft your own original tunes in Songwriting 101! 

*Summit guitar instructor Ben Corbitt teaches free ukulele & guitar classes filmed via Facebook Live during the spring and summer of 2020. The lessons are archived on our Facebook page- check out the wide array of tunes for beginning and intermediate players alike! 

*Also, we are beginning a series of short-form lessons called “Mini-Master Classes,” where our instructors share lessons on topics of universal interest to their students, including: technique, repertoire, professional music, and more.

Mini-Master Class: Jody Hagenow on Groupings of 5 and 6

Online Ukulele Class with Ben Corbitt

Online Ukulele Class with Ben Corbitt

Songwriting 101 with Kelly English

Ever wanted to create your own original songs? Look no further- Songwriting 101 with Summit teaching artist Kelly English is for you! 

Take a peep at this praise for our songwriting virtuoso:

“For singer-songwriter talent, such as Connecticut’s Kelly English, words seem to come easy, and she uses them to express with sincerity her ups and her downs”- The Deli Magazine

“…a finalist in the NewSong competition in 2015, she impressed judges with her strong vocals and intimate lyrics” – NewSong Recordings 

“…the gentle strings of her acoustic guitar and her graceful vocals tell a story of acceptance and forgiveness” – The Deli Magazine

“… an album filled with biting lyrics delivered by an utterly angelic voice. Fans of indie folk music that’s both well written and well produced should hop on board” – Chip McCabe, Cygnus Radio

During Songwriting 101 you will: 

-Complete practice writing prompts to develop songwriting skills

-Analyze the works of great songwriters

-Choose a song theme, or work from a song that you have already started

-Brainstorm lyrics through object writing from all of the senses (see, taste, touch, smell, etc.)

-Establish a catchy and memorable melody

-Explore rhyme schemes

-Discuss the structural elements of a song (verse, chorus, bridge)

-Complete a full song

-Talk about additional elements of writing your own music, including recording, producing, releasing, publishing, and performing your songs

Call us at (860) 645-1502 or email to register for Songwriting 101 with Kelly today!